To Be Released Monday 17 Feb 2014 

Australians have a special preoccupation with water due to its scarcity in some regions, its abundance in others and the way that we relate to it physically, emotionally and symbolically. Water encircles us, defines our borders and shapes our identities.

And so, here’s an album that undertakes an exploration into what water brings, and what it takes away. Half of the songs on ‘Too Much Water…’ deal with the ocean, the other half with our rivers. Songs examining everything from drought, climate change, tsunamis, asylum seekers, Prime Ministers going missing to the search for an inland sea, cross dressing bush rangers, the Snowy Mountains scheme and much more.

Says Charles, “Again it was recorded with the incredible Zhivagos, namely Dave Milne on drums, Art Starr on bass, Davey Lane on guitar and Matty Vehl on keyboards, all of whom jumped on board to lend their jaw dropping talents to this far fetched project, hone it, and bring it to life. Also, Greg Field dropped by to play some fiddle, Jack Howard played some trumpet on a duet I wrote with Suzannah Espie, so she gets roped in, as does my old Icecream Hands buddy, the extraordinary Douglas Lee Robertson singing harmony like no one else in this country can. All engineered and produced by my trusty sea captain, Justin Rudge, who also did Walk This Ocean and Love Your Crooked Neighbour With Your Crooked Heart”

The first taste of Too Much Water In The Boat is lead single ‘7 Creeks (The Crossdresser Steve Hart’). A rollicking knees up, set where 7 creeks meet and the ensuing tall tales associated with the best looking member of the Kelly Gang, Steve Hart. Pre-orders receive an immediate download of the single!


*** Album launch show at Northcote Social Club – Sunday March 2nd (Matinee Show)***
With Very Special Guests Suzannah Espie & The Last Word