Dear friends, a little update…a few more great gigs since I last rabbited on. Brisbane and Sydney have now been conquered, cheers.

Many thanks to Phil Usher and Skye Staniford who played a striking set before Davey Lane and I at The Hideaway. Big ups to Jimmy and the girls there for their glorious hospitality. Was a very fun night, great crowd, made me feel very at home, thanks to everyone that came along and see you soon!

Sydney at Notes! With Sean McMahon’s Western Union and Jo Meares and his Honeyriders. Two great bands, myself and the Zhivagos had to pull out all stops to match it in the air with those aces…time ran away from me which was a pity, but apart from that I had a ball and got to meet many new faces and re-acquaint myself with many old ones, my how you’ve all kept yourself tidy, good work.

Next stop for the Zhivagos and I – XMAS EVEN Dec 22 at the HiFi bar in Melbourne