16 October 2012     

Whilst leaving Adelaide, drummer Dave and I decided to sample the last of the local culture before heading back to the heathen swamplands of Victoria. We found a local radio station just in time to hear the brains trust (aka a listener’s ten year old son) being consulted with and correctly informing his Father that it is The Empire Strikes Back where we discover that Luke is Darth’s son etc etc.

“Ok question 5, the final question, are you ready Bruce? What is both a fruit and a bird?”


Further Pause.

“Are you there Bruce? Would like me to repeat the question?”

“No, I heard it. Beats me. See ya later”

“Ok thanks Bruce, next on the line we have Marjorie. Ok Marjorie, the final question for the big prize, the Peter Brock Biography. What is both a fruit and a bird?”

“A Quince?” says Marj in her best Monty Python voice.

“Um, no. Not a Quince. Thanks Marjorie. Thanks for calling. Next we have Denise on the line. Hi Denise, the final question in the quiz, what is both a fruit and a bird?”

“Oh” says Denise, again impersonating Terry Jones “Can you give me a clue? Like, a colour?”

“No Denise, you know the rules, I can’t give you a clue”

“Is it an Orange?