Check out our brand new film clip of ‘7 Creeks (The Crossdresser Steve Hart)’ ! Starring Georgia Fields and members of The Cactus Channel, Henry Jenkins, Lewis Coleman, Darvid Thor and Hudson Whitlock. With David Andrew Milne, Davey¬†Lane, Art Star, Matty Vehl, Greg Field and Douglas Lee Robertson. Blink and you’ll miss ’em cameos provided by Mick Thomas, Alison Ferrier, Christopher Keogh, Karen Conrad, Deborah Taylor, Lewlewlew Manchu, Rose and Mia Coleman, John Harley, Cookie Baker, Emma Black and Nyssa.

Filmed and directed by Jo Meares, assisted and edited by Santana Rudge. Costumes provided by Sean Dennis.

So many thanks to everyone involved including the Yarra Hotel Abbotsford, The Retreat Hotel, Merri Creek and The No 19 Tram. No horses were harmed in the making of this video. Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share!